Clear Political Battlelines for the Next Generation

Kim Carr, A Letter to Generation Next: Why Labor, Melbourne University Press, 2013

Sean Jacobs, Menzies House, 6 June 2014

Australian Senator Kim Carr’s A Letter to Generation Next: Why Labor is a rare addition the shallow pool of books encouraging young Australians to be more involved in politics. Carr – a federal Senator for Victoria since 1993 – clearly sees much more of a role for government in his appeal for the next generation to join the Australian Labor Party’s cause.

The role of government, Carr recalls in George Black’s words from the New South Wales Chamber in 1891, is to “make and unmake social conditions.” The barometer of progress within these pages is not individual enterprise but the state – “intervening”, “meddling”, “agitating” and challenging “the entrenched conservatism in Australian politics.”

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